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So, I was planning to use this blog to talk about the mods I’ve done to my real car and I will get around to that eventually but I thought I would start off by showing you what I’ve been up to in my spare time for the past few months making 1/24 scale mods for the Tamiya MX5 kit! Hopefully this is just the start of a range of parts for scale Jap car kits of all kinds and I’ll be looking for suggestions on what to make once I’ve got through the obvious stuff.

I thought I’d start on MX5s though as I really want a model of mine, that’s kind of the whole point of the project, to allow people to make models of their car or their ideal car if they aren’t in a position to make it for real. So, I’ve been making replicas of the parts I have on mine and some parts I want on mine. I’ve got a GV lip, a big ducktail, Feed skirts, eBay mirrors, a tow hook I think I got off Jibberingloon, Jass offset number plate mount, AAC flush headlights, Pro Race 1.2S wheels, 195/50/15 Yoko AD08Rs, HiSpec Billet4 and Ultralight big brakes and I’ve just started on some of Yeti’s wide arches. There’s still loads to do, next up is a TR Lane TD roll bar and a folded soft top, then some Bride Exas III seats and a Personal Trophy wheel. What I really need help with is choosing another couple of popular wheels to make so please make some suggestions, I’ll need some good reference to make them accurate too so if someone has the real wheel to take pictures and measure up that will get priority.

I have the first parts at the casters already and I’m waiting back to hear about prices, as soon as I have I’ll be open for orders. They’ll mostly be cast in a high quality grey PU resin that takes paint well and bonds easily to plastic with superglue. The tyres will be cast in black rubber and the headlight covers will be in clear. Here’s some pics of patterns, test casts and 3D prints to show what I’m talking about. I’ll get a car built up and painted as soon as I have the parts available and get some pics up.




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  • Tim Burton says:

    Love what you have done and would be interested in wheels tyres and front splitter for starters. Are they ready for sale yet?

  • Josiah McKinney says:

    I had been looking on google for days, knowing somebody had to have made resin parts for the Tamiya kit. I found an image that linked to an MX5Nutz thread, from there I found this.

    I seriously NEED these parts, man. Your work is amazing! I am going to keep an eye on this page to order some ASAP.

    If you would still like suggestions, the Rocket Bunny kit for this would be perfect! The only parts I couldn’t get are the GV Taillights and that Rocket Bunny kit. I would 100% buy.

    Instagram is @notesandtabs

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